Business Services

Facilities and Transportation (, Director)

General upkeep of facilities and grounds, transportation, modernization projects funded by the bond and state matching funds and solar projects.


Fiscal Services  (Adela Franco, Director)

Responsible for financial reporting and auditing, compliance with federal, state and local agency guidelines, payroll processing, purchasing, budget development and monitoring, accounts payable/receivable, internal controls, attendance accounting and reporting.


Food Services (Kathy Rentschler, Director)

Provides nutritious and delicious breakfast and lunch to students, facilitates free and reduce meal applications, compliance with federal and state guidelines in food services.  


Information Technology

Provides the infrastructure so that educational technology could be utilized in the classroom, e-rate application, website maintenance, support to the student information system, collaboration with the site technology coordinators.


Business Hrs: 8:30am-4:30pm



The Business Services Division is focused on providing integral fiscal and operational support to the educational programs of Bassett students and to continue to seek, implement and facilitate the best use of resources to serve the needs of our students, staff and the community.

The Business Services team is composed of competent, innovative, resourceful and collaborative problem solvers dedicated to administering the assets entrusted to us with complete integrity.