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Welcome Back Breakfast - Superintendent's Message

Esteemed Board Members, Colleagues, Friends and Parents,

I am humbled to stand before in front of such kind, hard working, well intentioned people, people that believe in the greatness of this community. Without a doubt, I believe we can effectively  prepare for the Common Core, significantly increase our high school graduation rate and increase the number of students that complete the A-G, UC requirements along with significantly increasing the number of reclassified English Language Learners in Bassett. This will be the academic measure of our collective success.

About 3 weeks ago we had mini -retreats with the following employee groups; our administrators and our counselors, our MOT and Groundsworkers, some of our summer front office staff and our district office staff. We took time to reflect upon the idea of human service and by extension, excellence within our school organization or our school system. At the end of those mini -retreats with the collaboration  of Dr. Mary Poplin we able to reflect upon ourselves and how our work together clearly offers Bassett the potential for Leading the Nation...

I know that many would say that I am foolhardy. That I am naive. But God has shown me that miracles occur daily in different forms. If you know a little a bit my life, I am miracle. So I, 100% believe, that our efforts can create incredible success and happiness for our students, their families and for ourselves via our quest for excellence person by person, child by child, teacher by teacher.

But to make this happen; to make BASSETT LEAD the NATION, we need to create daily, multiple moments that will:

Embrace and love the community we serve

Embrace, learn and be our community's strongest advocates because it's our morale duty

To see your students as if they were your own children

To build genuine relationships with our students, their parents and with one another

And this is how we will break the tradition of excuse making and that is by working harder and smarter and with huge amounts of dedication

Yes, this is a Community of many English Language Learners

Yes, this is a low income community

Yes, this is  a community of many undocumented residents

But this is the gift of Bassett..

A beautiful community  that can teach us a great deal about generosity and humility in a world of selfishness

A community whose children score in the proficient and advanced ranges yet share 2-3 families to a home and garage

These are our heroes. These are the people we must serve to the utmost of our capabilities propelling them to become our own neighbors

This is a community of great and beautiful people

Students and parents who remind me each day  of my own heritage

This community has fed my family and yours...this district has allowed us to have a roof over our heads, fed our families, provided our families with health insurance! We are blessed and we must never forget this each day we come to work and serve.

Thus, I submit to you that we continue our work as Servant Leaders

That our work be focused on JUSTICE in order to advance the success and happiness of Bassett's children and its families

And that no matter our position within our district we must always ....

Be self-accountable

That we exact from ourselves the highest levels of integrity in all we do

That we create optimum conditions and programs for student achievement, social and emotional development

And that we create in our school system a unique environment of excellence, respect, love and tranquility that will pervade our instruction

Again,  I submit to you due to your talents, commitment and belief --Bassett Can and Will  LEAD THE NATION...moment by moment, day by day, lesson by lesson, relationship by relationship . Its our moral responsibility to make this happen! Now, more than ever.  It's everyone's responsibility to step in!

God bless you all and thank you for listening to me.

Contact the Superintendent with your questions, ideas and/or concerns

Reynoso, Jose
District Staff


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Superintendent and Board Protocols

The Board of Education is the educational policy-making body for the district. To effectively meet the District’s challenges, the Board and Superintendent must function together as a leadership team. To ensure unity among team members, effective operating procedures, or protocols, must be in place. There are general protocols and those that are specific for the Board and for the Superintendent.  Below, are the board adopted protocols and procedures that create the conditions for an effective leadership team.

Superintendent and Board Protocols